Friday, September 25

आंग्कामी सेर्पाले अमेरिका बसेर गरे सिरियामा बेचियकी चेलीको उद्दार ( हेर्नुहोस लाइब यो भिडियो)

Finally Sukumaya Limbu she’s going back to Nepal from Syria.I have been fighting with 4 different Human trafficking 4 different places in Nepal Dubai Oman Syria after 112 days.I have been solved altogether 124 many different cases.

but this is the one of the most difficult one to rescue from Syria.Talking on the phone many day and night to Collect the money sending the money there was many problem but finally everything is okay, all the sisters just be careful do not trust anybody if you are going from Nepal to different countries there are lots of lots of problem.