Friday, October 30

धुर्मुस सुन्तलीको सन्तपुर बस्तिलाई सहयोग माग्न पुगे गगन थापा, यस्तो भन्छन् गगन भीडियो रिपोर्ट हेर्नूहोस

OSNepal Kathmandu, 26 January, Nepali comedian and founder of “dhurmus -suntali foundation” Sitaram kattel dhurmus is busy in providing relief of flood victim. His foundation is providing medicine, and food for victims.

Dhurmus is also active in rescue. Dhurmus said we all need to play the role of government. we all are one family and we don’t have to ignore this disaster. Here is a video report about Dhurmush Suntali foundation.

Watch this video to know details.-OSNepalबाट