Saturday, October 31

रुदै नेपाल छोडिन सोनिका रोकाया ले, Wow नेपालमा अब आउदिनन् सोनिका ( भिडियो सहित)

रुदै नेपाल छोडिन सोनिका रोकाया ले, Wow Nepal मा अब आउदिनन् सोनिका Kathmandu, 9th Oct: Watch an exclusive interview with TV anchor and video journalist Sonica Rokaya. She is also known as one of the hottest model and reporter in the recent period. Sonica Rokaya is especially known for the reporter of Wow Nepal channel, in which she deliberately used to ask some erotics questions to the guest to make audiences close to the channel. Now Sonica has decided to left Nepal and she has informed that she will not back on Wow Nepal again. Watch this interview with Sonica.