Sunday, September 27

EXCLUSIVE !!!! रबि लामिछानेले भारतलाई नसोचेको झट्का दिँदै । टुडिखेलमा लाखौंको नेपाली उर्लिदै। बाहिरियो भित्री रहस्य सहितको भिडियो । भिडियो सहित

EXCLUSIVE !!!!रबि लामिछानेले भारतलाई नसोचेको झट्का दिँदै ।टुडिखेलमा लाखौंको नेपाली उर्लिदै।बाहिरियो भित्री रहस्य सहितको भिडियो ।भिडियो सहितIn a program held in Kathmandu, the trailer of highly awaited movie ‘Kri’ was released. In the program, the actor Anmol KC made public appearance after about one and a half year of hiding.

In the program the actress of the movie, Aditi Budhathoki, was also present. Anmol KC and Aditi answered the questions raised by the journalists in the program. The controversy about the release and delay of Shweta Khadka’s movie ‘Kanchhi’ was also discussed in the program. Video report is attached at the end of this post.


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