Saturday, October 24

आफुजस्तै खतरनाक खेलाडी बनिसके रोनाल्डोका छोरा पनि, छोराले गरेको यो गोलको तारिफ पूरै यूरोप भरि (हेर्नूहोस उनको यो गोल भिडियो)

आफुजस्तै खतरनाक खेलाडी बनाईसके रोनाल्डोले छोरालाई,उनको छोराले गरेको यो गोलको तारिफ युरोपभरी Kathmandu, 8hth March: Lucas Vazquez took the time to play with Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. on the pitch of the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday evening after Real Madrid’s 3-1 victory over Getafe.One of the winger’s crosses was converted by the Real Madrid No.7’s son, with an impressive overhead kick, the kind of goal his father has long been trying to add to his collection. Marcelo’s son took part in the kick-about as well.